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When it comes to saving and paying for college, a Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor can help make a college education an affordable reality. A Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor also has the expertise to help you develop the best plan possible and make the best financial choices for you and your family.

Saving for College

Many financial advisors and CPA’s have not been trained in the specialty of college financial planning and are therefore limited in the assistance they can provide. But when it comes to college financial planning, a Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor can deliver the highest caliber of knowledge and service.

By working with your existing financial resources we can help you learn ways to make college more affordable and have a positive impact on your quality of life and your other financial priorities such as vacations, home improvements and retirement plans.

Your BACP Certified Advisor will help you develop a plan for your particular needs, for instance we can provide valuable cash flow analysis to help you produce the funds for college and still have money for your immediate and long term needs.

By sharing important tips and specially designed college funding strategies, a Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor can help you reduce the cost of college and help you have the resources to pay the balance.

You and your Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor will review a variety of ways to actually pay for college in a comfortable manner, a few of these include:

  • Determining your eligibility for financial aid
  • Identifying merit based aid for which your student might be eligible
  • Introducing you to Financial aid friendly investment options that can save you thousands of dollars

We can Help!

Below is a list of some of the additional services Bay Area College Planning Specialists offers.


  • Student Assessment
  • Personality Profile Evaluation
  • Advanced Search Of Careers, Majors & Studies Based On Specific Student Interests
  • Innovative College Search Based On Demographics And Personalized Areas Of Importance
  • Personalized Private Student Interview – Designed By A Ph.D., An M.I.T. Graduate & Former University Professor Extremely Knowledgeable About Admissions Practices
  • The interview will be conducted by a NACAC Certified Counselor – many who were previously Admission Officers at Major Universities Across the Country
  • Written Report Will Be Provided To The Parent & Advisor Along With A Summary Of The Interview & Recommendations For The Student


  • Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Provide Planning Recommendations To Reduce EFC
  • Provide Financial Aid Award Estimates For An Unlimited Number of Schools, & Recommend Additional Schools To Be Considered
  • Provide Recommendations For The Best Way To Pay Your Share Of College Costs
  • Provide Tax-Efficient Borrowing Strategies To Help Keep Financial Goals In Line, Along With Cash Flow Strategies for College Years & Beyond
  • Provide Complete Financial Overview On College, Taxes, Cash Flow, Retirement &  Develop A Plan To Improve Each Area
  • Provide Strategies That Legally Protect Your Savings & Retirement Accounts From The Financial Aid Formulas
  • Provide Strategies On How To Possibly Use Your Home Equity So That It Helps, Rather Than Hurts, In The Financial Aid Formulas
  • Provide Proprietary Tax Scholarship Information


  • College Planning Checklist With All Timelines & Deadlines That Is Updated Electronically & E-Mailed Every Time Something Is Completed &/Or Missing
  • Free Bonus – Complete Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Register Your Student For The CSS PROFILE
  • Complete CSS PROFILE & Walk Families Through  All Supporting Documentation
  • Complete Any Additional Forms Required By The Individual Schools
  • Confirm The Accuracy Of The Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Make Any Necessary Adjustments To The SAR
  • Advise and Counsel on Stafford and PLUS Loan Applications
  • Provide Protection From Being Overlooked For Grants, Scholarships Or Loans Due To Mistakes In Your Financial Aid Forms


  • Spreadsheet Up To 3 Award Letters And Professionally Evaluate If Your Offer Was Fair
  • Provide Tested Appeal Letters If You Were Under-Awarded


  • Sponsor “Client-Only” Teleconferences Throughout the Year For Parents & Students On Topics Ranging From Essay Writing To Admission Tips
  • Provide Easy-To-Use Parent & Student Manuals
  • Provide a Monthly E-Letter To Parents & Students To Keep Them Updated On Everything They Need To Be Aware Of Along The Way With A Weekly College Funding “Tip of the Week”
  • Automatic E-Mails Submitted Monthly To Both Parents & Students On What They Need To Be Doing That Month To Maximize Their College Admissions And Financial Aid Results
  • Personalized  Financial Aid FAQ Page
  • Interactive Online Page For Each Parent / Student
  • Provide Parent / Student Feedback On Specific Colleges
  • Unlimited Support For Parents & Students
  • Bonus Item: Copy Of Our “Student Handbook For Success”
  • Bonus Item: Copy Of Our “College Admissions Boot Camp Handbook”
  • A One-Stop Shop to Always Have Your Questions Answered With Personalized Contact
  • And most important, We Provide “Peace of Mind”

We are here to make parents feel confident that their student has an attainable plan to get into a affordable college program of your choice.

You deserve the piece of mind that comes from working with a trusted Certified Advisor. Take charge of your financial future by working with a Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor to develop your personal plan to pay for college without going broke.

Get your share of the over $100 billion in grants and financial aid that is awarded each and every year.

We can Help!

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